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Getting bit by the off road bug

Early on, I always had a passion for the outdoors and the natural beauty of it. Off-roading gave me vast opportunities to explore and see landscapes that I would have never seen otherwise. The comradery of the off road community is like no other and has given me some of my best memories. In my adventures, I was given a chance to be a part of a Desert Racing Team in the late 90's that fueled a new passion.

Desert Racing

Desert Racing

"Have you ever experienced anything that was so fun and intense that you were instantly hooked? Well for me it was racing". Started off turning a wrench, then as a co-pilot in a Class 10 currently Class 12. Over the years, with friends in multiple vehicles & classes, I was eventually at a point where I was able to do it myself.

While helping friends pit, prep or chase, I found that dropping a part in the dirt or loosing it, can be a serious bummer when your thrashing to get your car out of the pits during a race. Not to mention that one rock that is always strategically placed where you drop a knee or lay down on.

Something Better, Fuel Mat, Drip Mat, Oil Mat, Work Mat

Something Better

I have always been that dorky kid that took everything apart just to see how it worked, put it back together or even re-construct it in a way to be better. However I still have yet to grow out of it. 

As I am, I'm always thinking... with my own race program, I wanted something better than a tarp to work on. I made some proto-type mats that checked a couple of the boxes that a tarp came up short on or just couldn't do. Since one of my companies was a shop that made whip flags and other textile items, I was able to explore the possibilities and different ways to get there.

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