A Super Duty Reusable Pad Carrier

A super tough, non-permeable 22 oz. PVC coated fabric with a zippered, flow through mesh top, that allows you to replace the absorbent pad(s) when needed.

Edges are rolled with 1" webbing, creating a deeper holding capacity and strength to be strapped to the bottom of a vehicle or piece of equipment to capture oil or fluid leaks.

Large 1/2" Stainless Steel grommets that are large enough for most strap hooks.

Custom sizes available.


Working on an Engine, Trans, Differential, Power Steering or brakes. The OIL MAT is a Super Duty alternative to just a pad alone when working on a tarp or a Stand Alone mat that is easy to store and deploy. 

Not just for Racing

Why take a chance on a job site with a  leaky piece of equipment dripping on a clients concrete or asphalt.

The OIL MAT is stronger and lasts longer than a tarp from your local hardware store.

Repairing heavy equipment in the field or in the shop.

Tow rigs pulling damaged vehicles, the OIL MAT can be strapped to the bottom to prevent fluids leaking on to the roadways.

The OIL MAT captures the oil, fuel or fluids and holds it, when properly fitted with the right absorbent material produced by us or others.

Available Soon in various standard sizes and custom orders