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Gas mat manufacturing, Fuel mat manufacturing

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Custom Fuel mat, Custom Gas Mat

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Fuel Mat is the smart choice in the desert


The FUEL MAT can be used alone or placed on top of your tarp to make spills easier to manage.  Most of the fuel that gets on a tarp will end up in the dirt. The FUEL MAT significantly reduces that or eliminates it completely.

Can be driven over. Keep the harsh stops and peel outs to a minimum.

With the FUEL MAT, you can immediately roll it up if needed. Saving your chase crew valuable time. Just open up at the first opportunity to allow it to air out and let the fuel evaporate off. 

 A possible scenario that can be avoided while fueling a vehicle on a tarp is when a problem occurs, creating puddles of fuel that crew members are stepping in and/or working in, if the vehicle cannot immediately leave.

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There's much to be done, though we are working to get Coast Guard Approval

Fuel mat, Gas Mat


What is a FUEL MAT

The FUEL MAT Is a reusable mat that is designed to capture most spills, splashes or drips that occur when fueling or handling fuels.  

Our absorbent material is 2x's thicker than any pads available.

Will not absorb water or coolants.

Durable 600 denier polyester cover to protect the absorbent, allowing you to drive over. 

Our 18oz. & 22oz. PVC coated fabrics are NFPA 701 Certified Fire resistant and self extinguishing*

1/2" Stainless steel grommet at each corner.

Convenient adjustable straps with quick release clips to hold the FUEL MAT in a roll for storage.

Intended to last several years in most conditions.

Buying quantities for a company or large team?

5% for 5 or more MAT's

10% for 10 or more MAT's or Free Logo in one location

15% on 20 or more MAT's

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USA & International Patents Pending, FUEL MAT Is a trademark of G1 signs and banners, Inc.


Once exposed to oil based products, FUEL MAT is considered a Hazardous Material and must be disposed of in accordance to Federal, State and Local laws. Use at your own risk. FUEL MAT is only to be used for minor fuel spillage. Not to be used for unintended purposes. Once exposed to automotive fluids, fuels, oils & other petroleum  based products, the mat is a FIRE HAZARD. Keep away from flames or ignition sources. Always have a fire extinguisher close by. Do Not use or store near ignition sources or in occupied areas, Fumes are Dangerous and can ignite or explode or can cause dizziness and death.