A comfortable & clean way to work on your toys

What is a WORK MAT

This is essentially a super duty thick blanket that is water resistant. It comes in sizes to work on or under your Side X Side, Motorcycle, Truck, Trailer, Buggy, Motorhome, or take hunting or a nap on. Really most situations that a durable and comfortable work surface is needed.

The WORK MAT is strong enough to put a floor jack on in the dirt. Though be smart about it, if your over rocks, you may poke a hole in the vinyl. Its not bullet proof. You may have to fold it over to help in softer conditions form sinking quickly.

You will love the WORK MAT if you have to work under something over rocky terrain. The super thick padding and 18oz. PVC coated fabric will smooth that out for you.

In the sand or soft ground, the WORK MAT's thick padding helps jacks from sinking in quickly. Not to mention helping you from loosing parts when you have to make repairs, for instance when changing a belt on your SXS.

The WORK MAT will not only save you from 'cooking' on hot asphalt along the road or parking lot, it will be comfortable to kneel or lay on while making those repairs.

Yes the WORK MAT is water resistant, not waterproof. If in the rain or after quickly washing it off with a brush and Simple Green, let it dry thoroughly before putting away to prevent any mildew. work pad Work blanket

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Pricing & options

30" Wide Work Mat

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60" Wide WORK MAT

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