Drip Mat


Drip mat, All purpose mat, absorbent mat, absorbent pad, all purpose pad, drip pad

 GREAT for nearly everything that may involve some minor spilling, splashing or leaking. Highly absorbent. Uses could include but not limited to; working on vehicles, planes or equipment, fueling or fluid changes, leaky engines, plumbing repairs. painting, even for a pet pad.  Can be used Indoors or outdoors.



Has a non-permeable polyethylene backing with a recycled cotton blend absorbent material that will absorb just about any fluid. Covered with durable non-woven polypropylene fabric.

Made in the U.S.A.



 Have one around for those little emergencies.  Available in Two convenient sizes. Keep one ready in your chase truck, race vehicle, Side x Side, motor home, shop, home, garage, work truck or where ever you may drip, splash or spill.



DRIP MAT is considered a Hazardous Material once it comes into contact with most automotive fluids, coolants, fuel or oil and must be disposed of in accordance to Federal, State and Local laws. Use at your own risk. DRIP MAT is only to be used for minor spillage. Once exposed to fuels, oils & other petroleum products, the mat is a FIRE HAZARD. Keep away from flames or ignition sources. Always have a fire extinguisher close by when working with flammable fluids. Once in contact with flammable or toxic substances; Do Not use or store near ignition sources or in occupied areas, Fumes are Dangerous and can ignite or explode or can cause dizziness and death.